Monday, November 07, 2005

నవ్వు నవ్వించు :-)

cartoons by Mallik


Yoga said...

mee cartoon's baavunnaayi:)...
haayiga navvukunnaa

Srinivas Kotra said...

Hi chaitu

Nice selection of cartons by Mallik. really am VERY BIG fan of mallik.

nice 2 c u

vijaya smitha said...

funny cortoons...

chaituu..! i could not read u r telugu blog exept cortoons...???? strait lines comming... any S/W required

chaitü said...

which OS are you having?

try this link -

hope you will get it right, after following the steps in that link...

happy reading :)

Kumar Chetan said...

Hi chaitu, U removed that post but u kant stop me from posting my komments. Am a real bad guy. MUAHAHAHAHA (This is a kind of wicked laughing sequence)
Good post. Eye opener. But didnt widen my vision as my eyes got opened at very early stage. :P
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U r very much right in nearly all the points. I sum up ur post, "Love is giving not asking".
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Compare the real and virtual one. U can say the Real one found some Real person in her life. But didnt she promise she will tell me bout that person.
Love is dangerous for Mental health.
Beaware of it.
Better avoid it.
Its better U be a drunkard then to be a lover.
I kan kuote n number of kuotations all will say same thing.
Chaitu this is my first and last komment on this post and on this issue. I really try to avoid all this love related stuff. No love stories. Hope no one minds. As I already said I am not gonna change so kindly keep ur nice words in ur heart or brain or on ur Flash memories.
I kant be serius for this much time.
Need to kode some PERL Script and I just know following in PERL
print("Hello World");

kiran kumar Chava said...

Good collection.

chaitü said...

thanks kiran !

D Dinakar Reddy said...

Mallik jokes ante naaku chaala ishtam. Athani serials "Andhrabhoomi" lo vachevi. Parugo Parugu was one of my favourite. Cartoons ante, he has a spl style.

If you can give me the source, or if you could post more, i would be very glad. is his official website kada??


chaitü said...

Even i used to follow Parugo Parugu... that was a good serial.

Not sure about his website.

D Dinakar Reddy said...

the new year wishes animation that you have put up today, is from That is Mallik's official website.


chaitü said...

yeah i took it from that website only...
but i was not aware that its his official website.

D Dinakar Reddy said...

Hmm, You know it now. Dont u?? :))

for a very lot amount of subscription he also gives u online movies. Basically caters the US market where net speed is good and people can stay online all times.


Anonymous said...

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